Corporate Law

In ARODI we work with a multisectorial approach and under a business mentality, which allows us to provide comprehensive advice on all corporate aspects adding value to your business.

Our Services Include:

  • Companies

  • Shareholders Agreements

  • Mergers and Acquisitions Agreements

  • Opening of Branches and Subsidiaries

  • Business Associations and Strategic Alliances

  • Private Interest Foundations

  • Estate planning and protection

  • Corporate Due Diligence

Panamanian Companies


In the Republic of Panama corporations are regulated by law. Panamanian companies grant a series of advantages to their shareholders, such as a more simplified and profitable development of their commercial activities, great flexibility, confidentiality, fiscal benefits and simplicity in the incorporation of the same company and in the record of corporate decisions.

Among the most important characteristics of the corporation regime we can mention the following:


  • Clients do not need to be in the Republic of Panama to organize the company.

  • Simplicity and speed in the formalities for the incorporation of the corporation.

  • Quick constitution procedure and registration in the Public Registry.

  • Reasonable rates for the registration of corporations.

  • Flexibility regarding the nationality of shareholders, directors and dignitaries.

Private Interest Foundations

Private interest foundations are legal entities created through Law No.25 of 1995 and regulated by Executive Decree No.417 of 1995, as a mechanism to manage assets, even after death.

Our firm provides detailed advice on the formation of private interest foundations and their benefits, whether for protection purposes, asset management.

Other Jurisdictions