Foreign Investment

Panama has been in the recent years the country with the largest direct foreign investment in the region, due to special regulations and investment incentives in a number of activities such as tourism, industrial, agricultural exports, agroforestry, mining, processing areas for Export, Commercial and Oil Free Zones, Telecommunications, Construction, Port and Railways Development, Electric Power Generation, Irrigation Projects and efficient use of water resources, film, among others.

Our Services Include:

  • Constitution of companies

  • Notice of Operations

  • Concessions and administrative procedures

  • Licenses and Special Authorizations

  • Commercial Contracts

  • Labor contracts

  • Work permits

  • Migration (Visas)

  • Trademark Registration

  • Sanitary registration

  • Purchase of Real Estate

  • Tax Incentives and Benefits for Foreign Investment

Main Special

Economic Areas

Some Special Legislations

  • Incentives for the Film Industry (Law 36 of 2007)

  • Certificates of Industrial Development (CFI) (Law 76 of 2009)

  • Certificates of Promotion to Agro-Exports (CFA) (Law 82 of 2009)

  • Incentives Law for the establishment of Call Centers in Panama (Law 32 of 2011)

  • Legal Stability of Investments in Panama (Law 54 of 1998)

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