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Real Estate Law


ARODI offers its clients general advice regarding transactions related to real estate matters, such as leasing commercial premises and homes, buying and selling real estate, with or without improvements, obtaining financing with advice to banks.

As an additional service we provide our clients is to serve as intermediaries in Panama with real estate companies so that our clients can obtain information on properties for sale and / or lease, evaluate and select them to meet their needs.
Likewise, we provide legal advice for the incorporation of real estate to the horizontal property regime.

Migration and Naturalization

Panamanian legislation offers various types of visas and special permits for foreigners who wish to establish their domicile in the Republic of Panama, whether temporary or permanent. ARODI provides advice regarding the kind of visas and migratory permits that our client will need during their visit or stay in Panama, as well as obtaining permits and related authorizations.

Most Common Visa Types

• Short Stay (various reasons)
• Casual workers
• Among others.

 Permanent resident
• Economic reasons
• Special Policies
• Demographic Reasons
• Special Laws

Temporary resident
• Labor reasons
• Investment

Maritime Law and Ship Registry

ARODI offers the service of flagging of ships under the registry of the Panamanian Merchant Marine, an administrative act, by which a ship obtains the protection and benefits of sailing under the Panamanian flag. The office in charge of flagging or registering ships is called the Maritime Authority of Panama. Since 1925 the Republic of Panama has offered the international community an open registry of ships.

This Open Registry is guaranteed by the support of the Panamanian Consulates around the World, the representative office of the Panamanian Merchant Navy in New York, Pireos, Istanbul, Singapore, Busan, Imabari, Seoul and Tokyo, called SEGUMAR and the Panama Maritime Authority located in Panama City.



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