Tax Amnesty – Panama

Comments on Law 99 of October 11, 2019, through which general tax amnesty is granted for the payment of taxes administered by the General Directorate of Revenue (Direccion General de Ingresos - DGI) of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and modifies Law 76 of 2019, regarding the Tax Procedure Code, which was published in Official Gazette No. 28881-B on Monday, October 14, 2019.

Among the most outstanding points we can highlight:

  • Interest, surcharges and fines of outstanding taxes owed by taxpayers and real estate are forgiven; fines for late statements or omissions; the fines for late submission of reports for compliance obligations that are presented during the validity of Law 99, and fines for violations of competition of the DGI of outstanding income as of June 30, 2019, including taxpayers under payments, pending processes, withholding agents.

  • It states that taxpayers who have pending proceedings for administrative tax evasion or criminal tax fraud cannot be eligible for tax amnesty.

  • It establishes a percentage of condonation of interest, surcharges and fines ranging from 100% to 85% depending on the date of payment of the tax or due.

  • Extends the deadline for submitting some tax reports that taxpayers must submit. Any taxpayer who has submitted false or inaccurate reports will be sanctioned.

  • It establishes conditions for those taxpayers who have a payment arrangement that can benefit from the tax amnesty law.

  • The person interested in applying for the Tax Amnesty Law must do so personally or through a proxy before the DGI or through the web (e-tax).

  • Authorizes the DGI to declare the existing tax debts in the current account prescribed, provided that it is previously requested and will become effective, once the taxpayer pays the debt due within the term of Law 99 of 2019.

  • They are exempt from the payment of fines, the declaration of late improvements or additional improvements provided that the respective deed is submitted to the Public Registry within the validity of the tax amnesty established by Law 99 of 2019.

  • It modifies numeral 1 of article 88 of Law 76 of 2019 and a paragraph is added to article 89 of 89 of 2019, establishing the term of 5 years for the limitation ex officio for direct and indirect taxes; the term will run from January 1, 2021.

  • Any new tax amnesty or moratorium is suspended until December 31, 2024.

If you have pending payments of taxes administered by the DGI we encourage you to avail yourself of this tax amnesty, we will gladly advise you; consult the details that correspond to your particular situation in

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